Sell Like the Best by Stephan Schiffman

Sell Like the Best by Stephan Schiffman

Sell Like the Best by Stephan Schiffman

My favorite local bookshop having a Christmas sale so I went to there few days back. Apart from those books on sales there were another load of books which they give for discount price because covers slightly damaged etc. There were some nice books about marketing so I picked several books and this Sell Like the Best by Stephan Schiffman is one of those books I picked.

I bought it because it’s not a huge book and Index looked interesting. I thought maybe I would learn one of two new things about marketing which might help me with web sites. Before reading this book about sales I had never heard of Stephan Schiffman. I don’t have much interest in real life marketing or sales so never read books about it before. But guess one I love this book. A book which is not boring to read if you are a sales person.

Maybe it’s not going to take you to another world if you are a seasoned sales person but it tells you about the problems even those sales gurus encounters. Sell Like the Best by Stephan Schiffman is not a book which telling you ultra cool new sales techniques but it shows you how to built your self to level of born sales person.

Chapter one explains and talks about born sales person those who born with a silver spoon. From there it explains how other people get there, to level of these people who a natural persons. Nothing high and advance but small things which can make a big difference. Thing we tend to miss or ignore looking at bigger picture. The book is not just about sales about also about building a perfect sales personality. I have to say this guy is good and he knows his stuff.

Cool thing is this book is not one of those ultra expensive marketing books written by marketing gurus. It was written by a guy who have trained more than half million people in big companies like AT&T Information Systems, Chemical Bank, Manufacturer’s Hanover Trust, Motorola etc for decades and someone who has been doing sales and training people for sales for more than 40 years.

Stephan Schiffman has written more than 25 books about sales and marketing but there are several titles you must read if you are in sales field.

  • Cold Calling Techniques
  • Closing Techniques.
  • The 25 Sales Skills: They Don’t Teach at Business School.
  • The 25 Sales Habits of Highly Successful Salespeople.
  • The 25 Most Common Sales Mistakes.

Here is the list of his all books from Amazon.  >> Here <<

You can read reviews from others and decide if his books are good or not.  None of these books cost you more than $15 and you will learn new things which help you to close sales deals which worth lot more than you pay. It’s lot cheaper way to learn this methods and everything he can teach you than attending to Schiffman’s training seminars.

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