Quietest Aquarium Air Pump

Looking for a Quietest Aquarium Air Pump ? every air pump gets louder after a while but the point is finding the one which last longest without getting loud. Anyway if you have a fish tank in your bed room or near by then you need to have a silent air pump for a good night sleep. Loud noise could ruin all benefits you get from a beautiful fish tank.

But the problem is how much are you willing to pay for it and how powerful the pump should be. Also there are important things you should know about air pump maintenance. But first lets see what are the Quietest Aquarium Air Pumps in market today,

  • Fusion Air Pumps – These Pumps are from JW Pet Company and known for producing less noise. Hard to find in local stores but often available in all known online stores. Fusion Air Pump 500 is good for any 30 – 50 gallon  tank. Sales page says it can manage 7 air operated ornaments, filters and airstones.
  • Tetra Whisper Air Pump – Tetra Whisper Air Pumps are the Amazon best seller. Over 60% users have given full 5 star ratings and 18% has given four star ratings. Lots of positive reviews and happy customers who are willing to recommend this fish tank bubbler to any fish keeper.
  • Active Aqua Air Pump – Hydrofarm Active Aqua Air Pump has nearly equal amount of positive reviews as Tetra Whisper Air Pimp but little bit more expensive. They grantee the pumps offer more power for the money you spend but some buyers has mixed feelings about this. Sales page says this 6watt pump does 15 liters per minute. The pump has 4 outlets.
  • EcoPlus Commercial Air Pump – Another best seller air pump for aquarium but this one is not for your 50 gallon tank. Also it’s not the Quietest Aquarium Air Pump in market. Thing thing is loud and it’s for those massive tanks or ponds. Great for  fish farms and hydroponic systems where they don’t mind the noise.

 Aquarium Circulation Pump

There are also aquarium circulation pumps which also known as aquarium wave makers. Aquarium circulation pumps lot more powerful than an average aquarium air pumps. Little bit more expensive too. It can make waves on water surface  and also can use it as an aquarium bubbler too.

Hydor Koralia is the most popular aquarium circulation pump brand in market today. Hydor Koralia Nano Aquarium Circulation Pump would be great for a 10 or 29 gallon tank. For a Freshwater Aquarium you don’t need an aquarium wave maker and even some types of fish might not even like too much surface movement. But this would be a life saver for a reef tank.

If you want to control movement and also like have timer then check Hydor Smart Wave Circulation Pump Controller. It’s an handy tool when you need more control over your wave maker but a quite expensive tool. There are several other aquarium accessory brands which make aquarium circulation pump but not popular like Hydor Koralia.

You must understand it can get bit noisy later no matter how expensive the air pump is or how silent it is when you first buy it. There are plenty of things which you can do to keep your pump silent and work for a long time.

Replace air stones time to time

Air stones should be cleaned regularly and replace when you notice air flow getting less. One good way to find you need a replacement or not is by blowing  slowly and see if air blow through the stone easily or not. If it clogged then better buy new  set of air stones.

Hydrofarm Active Aqua Air Stones are one of the best sellers at Amazon. It comes in three sizes so you can buy one match your tank size and air pump. Little bit expensive than most in market but the quality makes it worth every penny. These stones are heavy and are for powerful pumps. If you have a cheap less powerful air pump the it might not give your result you want. If you don’t see it working perfect right away, don’t worry. After day or 2 working you will find it pouring out tiny bubbles all over the stone.

Pump should be positioned higher from water level

if pump is lower than water level then it’s hard for it to push air because of back pressure. When it’s easier to pump less noise will be made. Also when you turn it off and during a power down water could siphon back into pump and cause damage.

Air Pump must kept be on a Solid Surface

Keeping the air pump on a solid surface or a dense object will dampen noise and keep everything quieter. Never keep the pump on top of  the tank since it will transfer vibration into the tank. it will make a loud irritating noise as well as stress your fish.

Also don’t keep your air pump on pressed boards, glass or metal etc.

Keep the pump on some soft materiel

You will notice noise reduce greatly If you keep the pump on a folded piece of cloth. A soft sponge or an old sock could do the trick.

Aquarium Air Pump Accessories

There are several items you will need to buy along with air pump.

  • Air Stones.
  • Air Line Tubing.
  • Air Pump Check Valves.
  • Suction Cups.
  • Air Tube Connectors.
  • T-connectors.

In this article you have learned what are the Quietest Aquarium Air Pumps out there in market and also how to reduce noise. If you follow instruction here then your air pumps will work long period of time and stay quite too.

Also when you test your newly bought pump make sure it works properly. Check if it work fast as they say and also if it’s silent as they say. If not claim the warranty and ask for a replacement. Changing air stones time to time is another very important thing.

Having good air pump is very important factor when it comes to keep fish healthy and live long. Also it plays a big role in growing your baby fish faster. Clean stones often and check tubes for leaks once a while.